Translations of all world languages.
Quality – Speed – Wise Price

Management system in compliance with standards:

  • Language proofreading by native speakers
  • Consistent output quality check on every translation
  • CAT tools – saving up to 70%
  • Specialised translations
  • Sworn translations / legal translations


Professional interpreters and state-of-the-art conferencing equipment.
More than 12 years of experience and great references

  • Interpreting price list / Interpreting equipment price list
  • Consecutive Interpreting / Escort interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting / Interpreting in an interpreter’s station
  • Judicial interpreting / Judicial interpreter
  • Interpreting abroad


Turnkey conferencing services

  • Conferences, congresses
  • Lectures, trainings
  • Conferencing equipment


Localisations into more than fifty languages.

  • Game and application localisations
  • Software and multimedia localisations
  • Website localisations
  • Product localisations


Our experienced proofreaders will proofread your texts carefully and professionally.

  • Proofreading by native speakers
  • Pre-publication proofreading
  • Specialised proofreading
  • Style proofreading

Graphic layout,
dtp, print

Our team of graphic designers will meet any wishes in all usual formats.

  • DTP & graphic layout
  • SCAN & copy service
  • Print

Dubbing studio, subtitle

We offer comprehensive audio and video processing services.

  • Dubbing and post-production
  • DVD authoring
  • Mastering
  • Radio spots
  • Subtitling


We offer functional and successful websites and web applications.

Website optimisation

We increase the hit rate, conversion rate and improve the quality of visits.